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    No Knives in the Kitchens of This City

    Khaled Khalifa

    In the once beautiful city of Aleppo, one Syrian family descends into tragedy and ruin. Irrepressible Sawsan flirts with militias, the ruling party, and finally religion, seeking but never finding sal … continued

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    The Longing of the Dervish

    Hammour Ziada

    At the close of the nineteenth century, freed slave Bakhit is let out of prison with the overthrow of the Mahdist state in Sudan. On the brink of death, the memory of his beloved Theodora is all that … continued

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    Mohammad Rabie

    2025: fourteen years after the failed revolution, Egypt is invaded once more. As traumatized Egyptians eke out a feral existence in Cairo’s dusty downtown, former cop Ahmed Otared joins a group of fel … continued

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    An unorthodox TV preacher speaks out

    Ibrahim Eissa’s bestselling novel Mawlana, (The Televangelist, translated and published by Hoopoe, 2016) has now been adapted into a screenplay. The film premiered at the Dubai Film Festival last Dece…

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    Youssef Fadel’s love and fear of writing

    “The desire to write is like the desire to walk or play, and that goes back a long time, when I would read novels and play football with the guys in the neighborhood. In the beginning the novels were…

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