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    The Baghdad Eucharist

    Sinan Antoon

    Displaced by the sectarian violence in the city, Maha and her husband are taken in by a distant cousin, Youssef. As the growing turmoil around them seeps into their household, a rare argument breaks o … continued

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    Embrace on Brooklyn Bridge

    Ezzedine C. Fishere

    On the eve of Salma’s twenty-first birthday, scattered friends and family converge on New York for a celebration organized by Darwish, her obstinate grandfather. Each guest’s journey to this fated gat … continued

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    The Book of Safety

    Yasser Abdel Hafez

    Khaled transcribes testimonies at the Palace of Confessions, a shadowy state-run agency situated in a respectable Cairo suburb. There he encounters Mustafa Ismail: a university professor turned master … continued

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    Readings from outside a western perspective

    “This fall I’ll be assigning No Knives in the Kitchens of this City by Khaled Khalifa for Honors 101 – “Self, Society and Identity.” This is probably the best piece of literature I’ve had the chance t…

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    In conversation with Mohammad Rabie

    Born in 1978, Mohammad Rabie is the author of three acclaimed novels. His first novel, Amber’s Planet, won first prize in the Emerging Writers category of the Sawiris Cultural Award in 2012. He lives…

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