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The topic Ibrahim Essa dares to address

In keeping with the need, in this age, for thorough intellectual scrutiny of dearly held beliefs, Ibrahim Essa deploys his novel, The Televangelist, as a means of examining and contesting the hegemony…

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Readings from outside a western perspective

“This fall I’ll be assigning No Knives in the Kitchens of this City by Khaled Khalifa for Honors 101 – “Self, Society and Identity.” This is probably the best piece of literature I’ve had the chance t…

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In conversation with Mohammad Rabie

Born in 1978, Mohammad Rabie is the author of three acclaimed novels. His first novel, Amber’s Planet, won first prize in the Emerging Writers category of the Sawiris Cultural Award in 2012. He lives…

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An unorthodox TV preacher speaks out

Ibrahim Eissa’s bestselling novel Mawlana, (The Televangelist, translated and published by Hoopoe, 2016) has now been adapted into a screenplay. The film premiered at the Dubai Film Festival last Dece…

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The rise of genre fiction

Once derided as inferior to more ‘serious’ literature, genres such as crime and sci-fi are saving the novel from what some maintain is its long-heralded ‘death’ as a cultural form. The novel, if criti…

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About the Hoopoe Fiction logo

A hoopoe is a beautiful bird found across the Middle East, known for its distinctive crown of black and chestnut feathers. Like the cuckoo, its name is derived from its unique call.

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“I am the first Sudanese to get it”

“It is a great honor for me to win the Mahfouz Medal because I am the first Sudanese to get it,” said Hammour Ziada when he received the 2014 Naguib Mahfouz Medal for Literature award in the Egyptian…

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A deep longing for his country

Hammour Ziada Hammour Ziada was born in Umm Durman, Sudan in 1977. He has worked as a civil society and human rights researcher, and is currently a journalist based in Cairo. He is the author of two n…

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A Syrian utopia

Last week, during their episode “Anthology: Utopians,” the American radio station WFIU read a selection of extracts by numerous international writers about “the costs of longing for an ideal society.”…

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What should fiction do?

By Bonnie Nadzam             An artistic practice that perpetually reinforces my sense of self is not, in my mind, an artistic practice. I’m not talking about rejecting m…

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Coloring Hoopoe (fiction)

Your Hoopoe does not have to be just white, black, and orange! Click on the panel below to print this high-resolution coloring panel. Art work by Dominique Navarro (Ancient Egypt: An Artist’s Coloring…

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Khaled Khalifa

After the Arab Spring: 5 Writers to Watch

In the chaotic aftermath of the Arab Spring, writers from the Middle East and North Africa have channeled their frustrations into novels that explore the political and social fallout that followed the…

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The craft of translation

Tarek Ghanem, who recently joined the AUC Press team as commissioning editor, participated in last month’s ‘English Language Day Programme’ entitled “World Englishes: One Language, Different Cultures”…

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AUC Press Launches New Literary Imprint

On December 11 each year the AUC Press celebrates its longstanding relationship with the great writer by awarding the Naguib Mahfouz Medal for Literature to an outstanding Arabic novel. At its beginni…

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The voice of his generation

Ibrahim Nasrallah is considered one of the most influential voices of his generation. Raised in a refugee camp to Palestinian parents, he became a journalist before turning to creative writing. He is…

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Youssef Fadel ‘s caged bird

The Moroccan novelist Youssef Fadel was shortlisted for the International Prize for Arabic Fiction in 2014 for his novel A Rare Blue Bird Flies with Me, a masterful history of love, loss, and modern M…

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