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The Butcher of Casablanca

Abdelilah Hamdouchi

A series of gruesome murders shakes the city of Casablanca. The killer knows exactly how the police will pursue him and how to obliterate evidence that could lead them to identify his victims. Fear sp … continued

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The Magnificent Conman of Cairo

Adel Kamel

Khaled, the spoiled idle son of a pasha, meets Malim, carpenter’s apprentice and son of a scoundrel, when he comes to fix a broken window. In the course of his work, Malim stumbles across a stash of m … continued

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Gold Dust

Ibrahim al-Koni

Gold Dust is a classic story of the brotherhood between man and beast, the thread of companionship that is all the difference between life and death in the desert. It is a story of the fight to endure … continued

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The hoopoe blog

Author Rana Haddad, on lockdown in Athens!

I have taken up gardening on my balcony. I also started to become more house proud. For the first time in my life I spring-cleaned the flat, and I am sweeping and cleaning more often. I think, somewhe…

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