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Raja Alem

November 1979. Violence has broken out in the holiest site of Islam after a charismatic rebel and his devoted followers have announced the coming of the Mahdi and seized the Grand Mosque in Mecca. Amo … continued

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The Watermelon Boys

Ruqaya Izzidien

It is the winter of 1915 and Iraq has been engulfed by the First World War. Hungry for independence from Ottoman rule, Ahmad leaves his peaceful family life on the banks of the Tigris to join the Brit … continued

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In the Spider’s Room

Muhammad Abdelnabi

Hani was out for an evening stroll near Cairo’s Tahrir Square when a heavy hand landed on his shoulder. An informant had identified him, and he was thrown into the back of a police truck. There began … continued

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Donia Kamal reads from her novel

Stunning in its simplicity, Cigarette Number Seven is a deeply intimate novel about family and relationship in turbulent times, translated by Nariman Youssef. Donia Kamal’s succinct, candid prose draw…

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