Abdelilah Hamdouchi’s fast-paced thriller


Moroccan author Abdelilah Hamdouchi is one of the first writers of police fiction in Arabic  and a prolific award-winning screenwriter of police thrillers. Many of his novels address democratic and human rights issues.

In Whitefly, Hamdouchi introduces the reader to the world of traffickers, drug dealers, and smugglers. They know what it takes to get a gun into Morocco, and so does Detective Laafrit. As his team hunts for the gun, he follows  a hunch and reveals an international conspiracy to unlock the case.

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Laafrit looked at Fifi closely as he struggled with the awkward lump in his throat.

“Thanks for coming,” he said in an unsettled voice.

Fifi looked at him and moved her face closer to his, relishing his nervousness.

“Thought I wouldn’t?”

“No, no, it’s just I haven’t seen you in three months,” he stammered.

Nadia brought the drinks and then gently backed away, a sort of apology for bothering them, although they hadn’t even noticed her.

Laafrit filled Fifi’s glass and lifted his own.


“Still dancing at Macarena?” he asked.

“Every day,” said Fifi looking into his eyes, “and at Club East on Saturday and Sunday. But why are you asking? You know where I dance.”

Laafrit remained silent and stared at her lips. It was difficult for him to ignore her seductive delicateness, burning sensuality, and penetrating perfume. She was ravishing as she sat strikingly upright on the barstool. Her smooth, soft shoulders emanated tenderness and her hand, with its long polished nails, moved in an even rhythm as she lifted the glass to her lips.

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