A Syrian utopia

Last week, during their episode “Anthology: Utopians,” the American radio station WFIU read a selection of extracts by numerous international writers about “the costs of longing for an ideal society.”

Among the ‪readings‬ was Syrian short-story master Zakaria Tamer’s novel “City in Ashes,” from his book The Hedgehog, a collection of short fiction, translated by Denys Johnson-Davies and published by AUC Press (2009). You can listen it to here http://indianapublicmedia.org/arts/anthology-utopians/   Sarah Torbeck reads.




“City in Ashes,” also known in English as “Spring in the Ashes,” starts in a once-ideal city destroyed by war. The legendary couple of Shahrazade (better known as Scheherazade in English) and the king Shahriyar recur here as a sort of Adam and Eve of the city, where storytelling is an act of survival in an endless cycle of violence.

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