Donia Kamal reads from her novel

Stunning in its simplicity, Cigarette Number Seven is a deeply intimate novel about family and relationship in turbulent times, translated by Nariman Youssef.

Donia Kamal‘s succinct, candid prose draws us into Nadia’s world, her main character: from the private to the public; from the men she has loved and lost, to her participation in the momentous events of the Egyptian revolution.

The story goes like this. As a child, Nadia was left with her grandparents in Egypt, while her mother sought work in the Gulf. Decades later, she looks back on her fragmented childhood from an uncertain present: it is 2011 and the streets have erupted in an unexpected revolution. Her activist father, the sole anchor in her life, encourages her to be a part of the protests and so Nadia joins the sit-in at Tahrir Square.

Listen to Kamal read an extract from the novel.




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